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Message from Inssyssol Institute of Software Technology
Why we call you to IIST?

Have dreams of become an excellent PHP/.NET/JAVA programmer through IIST training program, total technical support providing by Inssyssol™ Systems Inc., Infopark TBC, Kochi.

We possess specialized skill with competitive talent for better performance, purely depending on today’s software industry needs. Our focus is to make a person become a PHP/.NET/JAVA programmer in practical aspects.

It is most important that the seats are very limited, you can become expertise in the same field by taking support from the core people with extraordinary attentiveness.

we are renting total technical support from Insyssol Systems Inc., doing wide range of PHP/.NET/JAVA applications at their office situated at Infopark Technology Business Centre, Kochi. Inssyssol do outsourcing jobs as well as in house programming and designing jobs. Their satisfied clients throughout India, US, Canada and Australia makes them to become a part of today’s cutting edge technology.

As placement concern, we give first preference for candidates who are successfully completed the training program at IIST, depending on time to time requirments. Also we give placement guidelines assistance and supports.

We can give intimation regarding the vacancy, depending on the priority in registration and vacancy generation. Our intimation regarding the vacancy will continue till we get a stop request from your end.

Contact with our office for more details.

Think better for a concrete future by associating with IIST .

Have a nice Day.

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